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Cabañeros National Park (in Spanish: Parque Nacional de Cabañeros) is a national park in the Montes de Toledo, Spain. It falls within two provinces, the northwest of Ciudad Real and the southwest of Toledo.

The Park was designated in 1995 and has an area of 390 square kilometres (150 sq mi).[1] It lies between the Estena and Bullaque rivers, extending into the Chorito and Miraflores mountain ranges.

It is the best and largest surviving area of Iberian Mediterranean forest, with an enormous variety of plant species. It also includes sites of geological interest (Paleozoic sites known as Cámbrico y Ordovícico del Parque Nacional de Cabañeros).[2]

The antipodes of the park are located in Tongariro National Park in New Zealand.

Here you can learn more about this park! Also welcome to visit this park!

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